Q&A – What is Grapefruit Oil?

A grapefruit and bottles of essential oil

The grapefruit is a small subtropical tree of the citrus family. Though its botanical origins are unknown it is believed to be a hybrid of the pomelo (Citrus grandis) and the sweet orange (Citrus Sinensis). The grapefruit is believed to have been crossbreed and cultivated by botanist Hughes in Barbados. The grapefruit tree is an evergreen tree with glossy leaves and delicate white flowers that become large golden fruits. Just like other citrus oils Grapefruit oil is an essential oil produced by cells within the rind or peel of a grapefruit. The peel of the grapefruit is bursting with small glands filled with essential oils. The outer skin or pericarp is cold pressed to extract that oil. The resulting essential oil is zesty, fresh and bitter with the smell of citrus. 

Color: There are primarily three color varieties of grapefruit oil: White (yellow in color) Pink (orange-pink in color) and Red (orange red to red in color) Of course colors vary with fruit variety and harvesting and production methods

Composition: Grapefruit oil, like other citrus oils, is composed of terpenes, Limonene, aldehydes, alcohols and sesquiterpenes. The key aroma ingredient in grapefruit is a compound called nootketone.

Botanical Name: Citrus paradise (also known as Citrus racemose & C. Maxima var. racemose)

Origin or Country: Grapefruit oil is produced in several places: Brazil, Argentina, Israeli, South Africa, Spain and the USA (California and Florida)

Related fruits: Pomelo

Uses: Grapefruit oil is used in flavors and fragrances. It is a popular flavor in beverages. It can be used
as a flavor in spice blends or dressings or baking or cooking. It is popular in aromatherapy and fragrance
diffusers. It is also used to scent lotions, skin creams, face washes and hair products


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