About Us

Established in 1933, Citrus and Allied (C&A) is committed to sourcing and delivering the finest flavor ingredients and fragrance materials. We fold, redistill, and rectify essential oils as well as manufacture aroma chemicals and botanical extracts in the USA. These ingredients are the building blocks of flavors and fragrances found in your everyday consumer products.

C&A is a premier global source of essential oils and processed specialties headquartered in the USA with a network of sales representatives and inventory locations around the world. In 1993, we built a lime oil processing facility in Mexico. In 1996, we opened sales offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

C&A has a proud team of skilled and dedicated individuals who bring a courteous, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic spirit to every facet of our organization.

Top Reasons to Partner with C+A


Consistent High Quality Products Made in the USA


Global Sourcing & Risk Management Experts


Comprehensive Product Portfolio


Extensive Knowledge of Global Regulations


Essential Oil Experts since 1933