Citrus and AlliedFrequently Asked Questions
1. How do I obtain a user ID and password for the sample request section?
Please fill out the Information Request Form and your ID and Password will be sent to you, usually within 2 days.
2. Do you sell fragrances or perfumes?
No. We sell raw materials used to make fragrances and flavors.
3. Do you sell retail?
Since our products are raw materials, we only sell to other companies that produce flavors, fragrances and seasonings. We do not sell our products to the general public.
4. Do you have a standard packing size?
Our standard packing size is a 15 kilogram container. We can also pack in 50 kilogram, 100 kilogram and 180 kilogram drums.
5. Do you sell in small packing sizes?
We are able to pack in 500 gram,2.5 kilo and 5 kilo Pails, but due to the additional labor and handling expense, these orders will be subject to a repackaging charge.
6. Can I sample a product prior to placing an order?
If you are a current customer and have a user ID and password, you can request a sample by using the order form found under the heading Samples. See question 1 above for information on obtaining a user ID and password.
7. What is the FOB point for your products?
Our price list clearly indicates the FOB point for each product: "NY" for Floral Park, New York; "MD" for Belcamp, Maryland. If you are located in the Corona, California or Elk Grove Village, Illinois areas, we can make arrangements to stock your products at those locations.
8. What is your lead time?
Our lead time on most items is five working days. We will inform you promptly if your order cannot be accommodated within that time frame.
9. How do I obtain a price list?
Due to frequent market changes that affect pricing, we no longer publish price lists. We will be happy to provide current pricing for specific size packing when you contact us at 516-354-1200.
10. How do I place an order?
To place an order, phone our order department at 516-354-1200 or 718-343-0030. You can also fax your order to 516 393-2125.
11. Can orders be placed via e-mail?
Yes, you may email your order, once you have been entered into our system and assigned a Customer Care Representative.
12. How do I obtain technical data on your products?
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and Specification Sheets are available from the Products section of this web site. To get additional information such as kosher certifications and Continuing Guarantees Etc. Please contact our office at 516-354-1200.