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A leading distiller of essential oils and a manufacturer of
aroma chemicals and botanical extracts.

You require innovation, speed, and precision.

At Citrus & Allied (C&A), we understand you want to formulate with confidence. But to do that, you need speed, precision, and a diverse inventory of ingredients backed by regulatory assurance. 

We understand that new product requests can surface without warning, creating logistical problems and an enormous amount of pressure on you and your team.

As a product developer, you simply shouldn’t have to worry about sourcing logistics. Instead, spend your valuable time developing winning formulations for your customers.  

Less Worrying, More Innovating.

Product Diversity

A broad range of targeted products all inventoried in the USA which means they’re in your hands faster.

Selection Accuracy

Your timely formulation is important to your customer so getting it right the first time is critical to success.

Peace of Mind

With generations of expertise, rest assured that we have a deep understanding of the regulatory requirements around the globe.

We share your affinity for quality ingredients

With 87 years of flavor and regulatory expertise, the ‘C&A Experience’ is built on agility, speed, accuracy, and product variety.

Through generations of supporting product launches, we know that getting the right sample quickly, increases the likelihood of winning new business.

With a diverse inventory of quality ingredients, expert advisors, and cost-saving recommendations, we’ll have the right samples on your bench when you need them so you can avoid project-crushing delays.

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Ingredients Done Right From the Start

Essential Oils

Since our founding, essential oils have been at the heart of our business and are used as building blocks in the formulation of natural flavors and fragrances.

Organic Essential Oils

With an impressive and growing list of organic isolates and folded essential oils, our vast selection of organic essential oils are produced in compliance with NOP standards.

Aroma Chemicals

Manufactured here in the USA, our aroma chemicals are cost-effective, highly functional ingredients that provide specific aroma and taste profiles.

Natural Aroma Chemicals

We’re a trusted source for natural aroma chemicals in compliance with industry guidelines and governing authorities to ensure the quality and safety of our products.

Botanical Extracts

Our extracts come in a variety of forms, from natural, organic compliant, liquid form as a solid extract, fluid extract, tincture, and in a hydro-alcoholic base or a glycolic base.

Absolutes & Concretes

Highly concentrated aromatic oils made from plants through alcoholic extractions of concretes to remove waxes, terpenes, sesquiterpenes, and most odorless materials to produce an alcoholic-soluble liquid or semi-liquid oil.

A white paper authored by C&A’s President, Richard Pisano Jr., addressing the safety of flavors.

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